I decided to launch my own brand, 'Cupcakes For Breakfast' in 2014, after 20 years in the retail and fashion industry, having the opportunity of working with some of the world's most luxurious labels, including Harrods, Giorgio Armani, Dior, McQueen and many others.

I wanted to create a label that sums up all of my experience and all the things that I have learnt that make a brand unique; a label that is for women only. I love pretty things. No matter how old I get, I still love sparkles, glitter and all things vintage. I wanted to create an elegant and feminine, yet strong and empowered brand where you can lose yourself for hours.

Cupcakes For Breakfast is a collection of clothing, bags and purses, accessories and jewellery that represent your favourite pieces in your wardrobe; those timeless special treats that you bought especially for you, just like a cupcake is for breakfast...A yummy treat!